How much are the baskets?

Each basket is custom made on demand. We understand that you have a budget so let us know what that is and we will build to value.

Do you deliver?

Yes. Delivery is extra and the charge is dependent upon where it is going. We always call ahead to make delivery arrangements on local deliveries. We also deliver all across Canada.

What goes into the basket?

A nice selection of the product we have on hand on the day the basket is created and dependent upon your budget.

What kind of baskets do you do?

Just about anything you are looking for! Sympathy…thank you to hospital staff…all special occasions and holidays…. baby…. just ask and we probably can accommodate.

How do I order?

We will need to talk to you at some point for credit card information. Other info can be done by email if you wish.

Why can't I pay online?

Every basket is unique and custom made for you…. so prices range according to your needs.